To maintain the high standards expected at Eton Heights, a uniformed Concierge is on hand all day.

Your Concierge will ensure that the development’s interior and exterior are safe, secure, clean and tidy at all times, whilst also being the friendly face that greets you, and helps in any way possible.

Eton Heights’ security has been carefully designed to provide you with complete peace of mind. Entry into the building is via a key fob system. Likewise, you enter the basement car park using your fob. From the safety of your home, you can see exactly who your visitors are via your personal audio-video entry system. Externally, CCTV monitors the building’s front and back entrances, and the basement, 24/7.



Finally, the secure underground car park. It could be like any other underground car park you’ve used - grey. But it’s not, it’s bright and colourful… and definitely a talking point!

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