As soon as you enter Eton Heights' impressive double-height glass entrance, with its commanding chandelier and cascading waterfall, you will feel inspired.

You can climb the beautiful steel and glass staircase to your floor, or take the spacious lift.

But for now, you need to imagine... stunning spacious living rooms, oversized bedrooms, giant wardrobes, sumptuous carpets, sultry bathrooms, sophisticated kitchens. Feel the warmth underfoot, and the generous beauty of walnut flooring. Graceful high ceilings that make you feel taller. Step onto your balcony and enjoy even more free space. Appreciate the intelligent contrast of exquisitely handcrafted materials complementing the latest energy-saving technology – the best of both worlds.

The entire look and feel of each unique apartment has been lovingly created by award-winning interior and lighting designers.

Light uplifts, space provides freedom, add style and beauty, and the combination is pure pleasure.

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